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Sample Issue 5-29-17 

Memorial Day Celebration

Today we celebrate all of our brothers and sisters who have given the ultimate in service to the United States of America. Our gratitude is unending. Thank you! 
I am choosing to celebrate in a somewhat different manner. Today I am asking each of you to remember who you are, not as a human, but as Soul having a human experience.  
I speak of mediation and conflict, and yet this is such a human experience. It is only because for eons we as individuals, have allowed others to be our voice and directors of our lives. Today it is a perfect time to remember who you are. How powerful you are as Soul having a human experience. As Soul we do not fight or argue, each person is respected for who they are and for the gifts that each one was bestowed with at the moment of their creation from the Godhead, Creator, God, however you recognize this energy. Soul is always perfect, always loving, living with compassion (wisdom,) and in joy of all life, with harm to none. It is only our human experiences that cause us to view the world from positions of right and wrong or good and bad. It is only the human that believes one is more powerful than another or loved greater or owns “things.” 
I teach and offer mediation because it is the closest way that at this time, I am able to share with others how each person is respected for who they are, loved for who they are and to learn that differences are to be celebrated, not discouraged. You are a powerful being. Our ancestors knew this, our spiritual leaders know this, and I desire for you to know this as well. 
We are here to learn how to communicate and how to be in relationship with others. Communication is the way to heal each person from within and to honor the love that each one is. All is accomplished through communication. I celebrate you today and always. 

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