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Ten of the Biggest Mistakes

Managers or Directors Make

 1. Managers and directors, even supervisors tend to            forget that before the individual was in a                          management position, they were a person!

 2. Provide clear and concise directions. Not everyone          learns or process information in the same                          way. Set your people up for success.

 3. Remember, you hired this person because they               knew what to do. Now trust them to do the job               correctly. It may not be in the precise manner in             which you would proceed, but it doesn't make it             wrong, just different.

 4. Most people choose to do the job well and                         effectively. Allow for some independence and                   creativity. As long as the results are what is                       required, how they get there is generally not an               issue.

 5. The number one issue with people today is that              they are not heard. Listening to your employees is a      sign of respect and providing attention is the basic        component of love. People know that you like and          respect them when you take time to listen.

 6.  When you were correcting your children it was                important to separate the problem from the                     person. It is the same here. People are not the                 problem, the behavior or the situation is.                           Remember to treat people respectfully, even when       you have to alter a person's behavior.

 7. My mom always reminded me that everyone is at          least as smart as you. She meant that others have          valuable opinions, creative ideas, and ways to do            something or solve an issue. Allow others to have          ideas, opinions and suggestions. The timing for the        innovation may not be right, but that does not                make the suggestion or idea wrong.

 8. Withholding pertinent information from your team        is not being a great manager or boss, it is a power          play. It is a way of telling others that you are more        powerful or more valuable than they are. We all              have important roles to play, don't make yours one        that sabotages the whole team.

 9. Remember there are no reasons for "pet                            employees." Treat everyone with equal respect and      attention. It undermines the entire department to        have favorites. These behaviors not only create bad      will, but can sabotage projects and undermine                entire organizations.

 10. Rise to the level of a great manager. Take                           responsibility for your actions. Take the blame for         the department or team when things go awry and         pass on the praise to the team when things go                 well.

​​​You can't even imagine the value of good will from your employees and how much they are willing to go the extra mile for someone who has their back in tough times and sings their praises when things go well.

The cardinal rule of a successful business..."Return phone calls in a timely fashion, this means within the same business day."

Ten Biggest Mistakes Made