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  Jane F. Cundy, "is committed to maximizing the power of your people to move     your organization into unmistakable advantages. Her enthusiasm, dedication  and passions for making your organization its best applies to all of her  endeavors",says  Darlene Karn CEO of The Matrix Group.

 Jane's relaxed style along with her humor, openness and caring for an  individual's importance create an atmosphere for learning, listening to  others,  and a general respect for each person.

​ These qualities provide a learning rich environment conducive for honest  communication, focus of direction and collaboration. Jane's clients walk  away  with opportunities for mutual resolution, paradigm shifts and  harmony within  their culture. Most of Jane's work has for the last 15 plus  years has been  focused within Indian Country serving numerous tribes and  nations.

 Jane says her greatest honor was to be invited to speak in Bejing during  the  "2002 China-US Conference on Women's Issues." Dr. Jane spoke on  "Empowering Self-Esteem to Stop the Abuse."

 Jane has been a keynote speaker at the American Indian Chamber of  Commerce Economic Summit. She has spoken at and provided workshops  for; Oglala Sioux EAP Conference, The New Mexico Lodging Association,  National Pest Management Association SW Conference in Florida, and the  New Mexico EEO Diversity Conference to name a few.

 For over 14 years Dr. Jane was the Hearing Officer for  Sandoval County,  New  Mexico, where she presided over employee and workplace issues. She  was  also a mediator for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in a discrimination and  wrongful termination suite in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In past years Jane  was a pro-bono mediator for the New Mexico court system and provided  mediation service for a New Mexico county court Judge for child custody  issues.

 Jane has advanced training as an International Mediator, and in Child  Abuse  and Neglect cases.

 Jane is a Doctor of Divinity, (1997) Master of Neuro-Linguistics,(1993) Master  Negotiator,(2001) International Mediator, (1994-97) Registered Corporate Coach

 and Certified Business Coach. (2000-2002.)

 She has been serving her clients since 1993 and is based in Albuquerque, NM

Read What Clients Have to Say About

Dr. Jane and her employee training

 "It's been a pleasure to have a training with your      knowledge and to say thank you for the time I 

 spent  in your class and what I learned

 from you." ~ Pat Bad Hand,

 Rosebud Sioux Tribe,  Rosebud, SD

 "Excellent workshop, all materials  were 

 instrumental to my profession as a Facilities  Manager."  ~ Shane Gross, Blackfeet Tribe,

 Browning, MT

 "If I had not taken your course on Mediation Skills, I  do not believe I could be effective as my tribe's  Peacekeeper. Thank you, Dr. Jane."

 ~Orville Cayou, Omaha Tribe, NE

 "Dr. Jane's courses make you 'think out of the box'  and moves you out of your comfort zone. Jane has  it all, humor,yet empowers you to think, process and  reason." ~ W. Sharp, Chairman, Blackfeet Tribe,  Browning, MT

Read Results from Clients after Coaching and Training

 One small business owner related an increase of  $90,000 sales within the first 30 days.

 Another client increased clientele 20% with one  small change. The results were immediate.

 A chiropractor disillusioned with the company's  working conditions where she was employed almost  left her profession.

 After working with Dr. Jane she opened her own  practice and continues to prosper to this day. 

Meet  Jane Cundy