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​The ages to attend  Our Mediation Skills Class are from 14-21. 

Dr. Jane will provide the mediation skills class at your tribe or organization's site upon request.

Check our next scheduled class. 

Set Up a Teen Court

All teen courts must have the supervision of a sitting or retired judge or a law enforcement professional. 

Dr. Jane will assist you in setting up a teen court within your tribal community. 

6 Benefits for Your Youth

With Teen Mediation 

~ There is less fighting among                           teens and young adults

~ Creates better relationships within            families

~  Greater respect for the law and  with          parents

~ Improved self-worth

~ Potentially lower suicide rates among     teens

​~ No need to bully when you are being  

   heard and respected


Dr. Jane is teaching teenagers and young adults the power of positive discourse and the true value of communications to resolve difficult issues and achieve mutual resolution for disputes that once seemed almost impossible. If we can stop one act of violence or encourage others to not bully, we have done our job!