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Mediation Skills for Teens and Young Adults

Last week I announced my newest mediation skills training class.

I will be teaching teenagers and young adults the power of positive discourse and the true value of communications to resolve difficult issues and achieve resolution to disputes that once seemed impossible. And yet, with listen skills and the different mediation techniques anything is possible.

Once I announced this new program for mediation I began to instantly receive calls and requests.

What is just as interesting as the mediation skills class is the opportunity to create a teen court within your judicial system.

These are two different programs and yet they can go hand in hand to do so many things in such positive ways.

 For instance, what if:

1. There is less fighting among teens and young adults

2. This creates better relationships within families

3. Young people begin to have greater respect for the law

4. Youngsters improve their self-worth

5. By improving self-worth there are lower suicide rates among teens

6. Creating a teen court enhances self-responsibility

7. Returning power for acts of  lawlessness to the teens and their peers where teens and         young adults will listen

These are just a few of the benefits that can result when individuals are provided the means and the tools to create greater harmony, feel good about themselves and gain a new understanding for minor infractions before they turn insurmountable.

All teen courts must have the supervision of a sitting or retired judge to be official, and yet I am sure that each community has at least one of each.

The mediation class will not provided certification for these young adults, but will provide three days worth of valuable skills to set them on a trajectory for a positive and productive  future. 

Registration is OPEN for All Classes