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Conflict Coaching

Assisting others in respectful ways by releasing

what does not serve them 

         Motivation........ Empowerment..........

     Accountability ......... Conflict Resolution

​ Step back from where you are and throw a  light on how you could better organize all  these things, and above all, how you can charge your own battery – and how do  others manage to do that? Can you do this  for yourself as well as your coworkers? Can  you be the Coach in difficult situations?

 1. Letting the criticism of others cause you to react        in less than resourceful ways

 2. Thinking failure is a bad thing

 3. Indecision; Indecision in business and in                      relationships, always set you back

 4. Procrastination will get you no where; the step-            child to anger

 5. Giving Up when just one more attempt will make a      difference in your outcome

 6. Needing to be right all of the time; the heart of              all miscommunication
 7. Hiding from problems; seek out solutions and              discover which one(s) works best for you

8. Making excuses when you do not want to or know         how to do something

 9. Overlooking positive points; it is OK to celebrate        even the smallest wins, just don't get over                    exuberant when there are still steps to complete

 10. Un-Accountability; Always hold yourself and                your team to the highest of standards and                    then live up to them by doing your very best,                everyday

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