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All classes are available for on-site presentation.

Each class is then designed specifically for your

tribe, government agency or company requirements.

We will consult together for the accuracy of your needs.

New classes are added periodically, check back or contact us if you have a specific class you would like and we will do our best to make it happen.

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We are always looking for talented and experienced trainers and coaches to serve our clients. 

  • ​​Basic Mediation Skills for                              Certification (a 32 hr. class) perfect              for on-site presentations as well. Ask               about our on-site savings
  • Becoming the Coach You Wish Your          Manager Was! All department                        supervisory, management                                personnel, and law enforcement                    professionals will benefit. Ask about our          on-site savings
  • Becoming Your Best Team Yet! This            class assists you in the artful                            methods of creating a team with trust,          harmony and clearly understood                    mission objectives
  • Bully Free at Work. Create harmony in        the workplace or for family issues.                Bullying is a form of violence and must        be addressed
  • NEW! Conflict Coaching; Motivation,            Empowerment, Accountability and                 Conflict Resolution skills to create better        mindsets and improve your                            organization's culture                               
    • ​Conflict Resolution: Resolving difficult         situations and disputes among friends,         family and co-workers
    • Ethics and Conduct Becoming                      (CEU's). All organizations must have a            clear behavior policy and set of values          that drives their organization and its              people.Your ethics and values must be        yours to live, not someone else's
  • NEW! Mediation for Managers: What          situations typically call for a manager to          be in that Mediator role? 1) First and                probably most typical, is any informal              problem solving or group/team                        discussion where conflict surfaces.                 2) Customer interaction where the                  customer is upset (internal or external)            3) Member to member conflicts                        where they are unable to reach common        ground on their own
  • Resolving Difficult Situations in a               Good Way. Learn to deescalate and              resolve disputes in healthy ways; great          for tribal councils, employees                          management staff and always                        beneficial for families
  • Sales for Professionals. Whether you          are new to the profession or a pro, we          all can benefit from the newest and              most up-to-date resources of our                  profession. We will even streamline your      sales force for you, ask us how.
  • Skills for Excellence in Office and               Administrative Management. Great           for all office personnel, includes EEO            policies
  • Supervisory Training for all Levels of           Management​, whether new to the                 position or seasoned professional
  • Teen Court for Native American                  Tribes. Allow  Jane to assist your                    legal professionals establish a                        teen court for peer adjudication

Classes Available

These courses are multi-day classes

Serving Indian Country, Small and Middle Sized Businesses and Government Agencies