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Building YOur Best Team Yet!

 “What is Teamwork? Teamwork describes the functioning of a group of people who are closely

 knit around a common purpose, who work easily together, and who have positive working relationships.  The functional meaning of teamwork is the ways people must work together and cooperate in order

 to produce some product or service that cannot be produced by a single person.”

 - Kinlaw, Kinlaw, Developing Su Developing Superior Work Teams

 We might next ask what are the characteristics of a good team, one that continues to work well

 together, can get the project completed in a timely fashion, and at the end everyone is still able to

 work together harmoniously?

 Here are some of the qualities that I believe are core to the success of a great team.

 Characteristics of a Good Team

 * High degree of mutual trust high degree of mutual trust

 *  Mutual support characterized by a genuine concern for each other

 * Communications are open and honest communications are open and honest

 * Mission and objectives are clearly understood mission and objectives are clearly                            understood by all members

 * Conflict is confronted and worked through

 * The organizational environment is characterized by supportive respect for individual                       differences a key challenge is to make effective use of this diversity

 * All members share the responsibility for cohesiveness and effectiveness of the team  
   order to achieve its vision, mission and goals

 * Your council must work effectively as a team

 * Members should strive to understand, appreciate, and communicate with each other

* Members are individuals and, as such, bring different values, beliefs, agendas, and                         experiences to council

 When all of these are included and the team is created, the one and only thing that makes all of this

 work is communication. Communication and a lack of personal ego are the glue that hold teams

 together I learned many years ago that it is “better to be in harmony that to be right!” Remember,

 even a broken clock is right twice a day.