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Basic Mediation Skills for Certification

What Does Mediation Involve:

All mediation is first and foremost . . . 

~ A voluntary participation

~ This participation takes place in face-to-face discussions between         the parties in conflict

~ An unbiased mediator, without any decision-making power, assists     those involved to understand each other’s point of view and come       to a mutual resolution

~ Provides equal opportunities for all participants to speak and                explain their perspective.  This is a cornerstone in the mediation          process

~ With all relevant information being shared, there is a shared                agreement between the parties that is satisfactory to all concerned

What About The Mediator?

A good mediator has a range of skills:


​~ A Mediator must be neutral with the skills to listen effectively,            and have the ability to ask clarifying questions.

~ H/She has the emotional intelligence to understand the underlying    emotions, can communicate in difficult situations as well as can          give and receive appropriate feedback.

~ It is important for the mediator to have empathy for each other's        point of view and assist each party to stand in the other person's        shoes     

~ Most Importantly, the mediator must not take sides or be seen as        acting unfairly