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 ​​Over time it has become obvious to many researchers  that the current model for leadership has become  stagnate and somewhat ineffective.

 Vertical Leadership Includes These and More!

 ~ Critical thinking and problem-solving

 ~ Collaboration across networks and leading by                influence

 ~ Agility and adaptability

 ~ Initiative and entrepreneurialism

 ~ Effective oral and written communication

 ~ Accessing and analyzing information

 ~ Curiosity and imagination

 ~ Incorporate one's creativity in new and resourceful     ways.

What is vertical coaching and how does this fit with Vertical Leadership?

Vertical Coaching is literally "turning on the Light" within the mind's of your members and assisting them to Activate Their Brilliance™ and  become the most effective, mentally stimulated, and satisfied employee. This is an opportunity to turn on and activate an individual's creativity.

Vertical Coaching and Leadership

Vertical Coaching 

Activating Your Brilliance™

You already have it within, let's light up your potential