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 "Dr. Jane, I don't think I  would be able to do my  job as the Peacekeeper  for my Tribe if I had  not taken this  course, (Basic Mediation 

 Skills). It has made  such  a difference.

 Thank  You!"

             ​~ Orville Cayou,​                    Peacekeeper,                      Vice-Chairman,  

                 Omaha Tribe

 "This is really good!   (Basic Mediation Skills class)

 We can use this in  many of our  departments, including  our police and our  diabetes program.

 ~ Michael Wolf,  Chairman, Omaha Tribe

There is no need to fight, instigate or contribute to a conflict. There is always a way to talk and work things out. What most people forget is that the reason issues and disputes escalate is because someone needed to be right.

Becoming a Certified Mediator  as well as Mediation Services are among the services that we provide

We assist you in identifying employee training, and processes to take your employees and management team to the next level. 

Coaching  Special!!! 

The big benefits in business coaching are that you are vested in the outcome for yourself! You actually set aside time, money, and your attention to make the changes that you are now ready to make.


 "Dr. Jane is an  excellent facilitator  and provides excellent  constructive criticizing  to allow participants  to  become great  mediators." (Mediation  Skills for Certification)

         ~ J. Lewis-Garcia,

Social Services,

          Pueblo of Acoma

Ask Yourself:
* On a scale of 1‐10, how important is it for me to overcome my challenges and achieve         my goals today?

* What are my 3 greatest issues facing me today?
* What about each of these makes them an issue?
* What do I choose to do about them?
* What do I see as the major challenges holding me back from achieving what I want?

Never before have we offered such a ridiculously low fee for professional coaching. It costs you nothing to check it out.  What if it makes a difference? 

Serious people only. Coaching is via Skype or telephone, your choice.

It won't last long. Only a couple of spots left at this special price.

(just between you and me, it is 1/2 price.) 

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I believe that by treating each person with total respect and dignity your business prospers in ways once unimagined.