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"I have known Jane for   over 30 years and   she is a wonderful   communicator and   coach. Jane has the   ability to see the   larger picture of a   problem and give   impartial advice that   comes from a spiritual   place.
 She has helped me   many times over the   years."
       ~ Joann Ballinger,                    Master Artist,                          Bozrah, CT

 "Dr. Jane, I don't think I  would be able to do my  job as the Peacekeeper  for my Tribe if I had  not taken this  course, (Basic Mediation 

 Skills). It has made  such  a difference.  

 Thank  You!" 

             ​~ Orville Cayou,​                    Peacekeeper,                      Vice-Chairman,  

                 Omaha Tribe,


 "This is really good!   (Basic Mediation Skills class)

 We can use this in  many of our  departments, including  our police and our  diabetes program.

             ~ Michael Wolf,                            Chairman,

                Omaha Tribe,                             Nebraska

We provide mediation services for families and offer workplace mediation. We also offer basic and advanced mediation skills to become certified.

Become a Certified Mediator

Advanced Mediation

and we offer Mediation Services 

We will evan assist in setting up a Teen court for your tribal Community.

We assist you in identifying your employee and business requirements. Our processes take your employees and management team to the next level. Visit our list of classes

The big benefits in business coaching are that you are vested in the outcome for yourself! You actually set aside time, money, and your attention to make the changes that you are now ready to make. Jane is a registered corporate coach and a certified business coach... since 1992. She also offers personal and group coaching.


Coaching and MEdiation Training 

 "Dr. Jane is an  excellent facilitator  and provides excellent  constructive criticizm  to allow participants  to  become great  mediators." (Mediation  Skills for Certification)

         ~ J. Lewis-Garcia,

Social Services,

          Pueblo of Acoma,                     New Mexico

​​What do you do with conflicts and disputes at your business?

Conflict is certainly not new, it is inevitable. We all have different expectations. This makes conflict management critical. There are many different ways of dealing with conflict and one of the least effective is avoidance. Healthy ways of diffusing anger and facilitating effective communication is by applying a series of thoughtfully applied steps.

As a full time facilitator and trainer of mediation and coaching for over 20 years, I have learned that resolving disputes at the earliest stages saves relationships as well as people's jobs.

Wouldn't it be great if companies could resolve these disputes before each side spent hundreds of thousands in litigation costs, before the employee was terminated or before the customer or working relationship was gone forever? 

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